(: virginia :)

whamodyne aren't these interesting, I am amazed every time I cruise around etsy. here's the shop announcement from whamodyne: ~ I'm a guy who likes to tinker about and blend things together. Metal, wood, glass and concrete are my materials of choice. It's about trying new stuff and breaking paradigms. I like clean lines and an industrial look with an eye towards making things that people have to stop and think about when they see them.
~ Much trial and error, furled brow and strenuous effort went into each and every item available. To let you in on the fun I'll be posting a how-to tutorial on every item I sell. Check those out and my ongoing project logs at my website. Note: My inventory of concrete lightbulbs and other products is always in flux - I might have higher quantities of any particular item than those displayed here. Please message me if you have any questions about quantity orders or what I currently have in stock.
Stroll on over, purchase these one of a kind treasures and be the envy of all of your friends!