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sea side soaps~ ~ This is a must see and purchase etsy site! In Stephanie's words here's her profile and what her creations mean to her ~ ~ "I'm Stephanie, wife and mom of two, stepmom to three. I live in tropical Naples, Florida. I've always been interested in crafting and needlework and love to crochet and sew. An herbalist friend of mine showed me how to make handmade soaps 7 years ago in return for a copy of a book I'd written about an image editor, and I was off and running with soapmaking. I love being an "alchemist" who makes soaps, creams, balms and other useful and helpful potions with my own two hands.
I love especially the creamy richness of handmade soaps, and the fact that they don't strip my skin of oils. In fact, I was amazed the first time I washed my hands with my own soap and found that my skin wasn't tight or dry, and I didn't need to use hand lotion. Even my husband noticed how wonderful these soaps are on your skin, and now he shaves with my soap. My kids love it too. We haven't used commercial soap in years. Sometimes people ask "What's so great about handmade soap?" If you've been buying soap at the store all your life, the relatively higher price of handmade soap may seem like an unnecessary expense. But once you've tried it, you are likely to be delighted with its skin-loving properties and the rainbow of colors and fragrances available. I have to admit that I'm not a purist about scenting my soaps and potions. I love, love, love essential oils, but some of them, such as Sandalwood, endanger their sources and the benefits of these oils may not make it through the soapmaking process. I also adore many fragrances that don't come from plants or flowers. So I like having the option to choose from the best of both worlds and scent my soaps with essential oils and fragrance oils. You will always know which is which from the product description and listed materials.
Whichever kind of handmade soap you buy, remember that it is a special product. Once you receive it, unwrap it and expose it to the air. Don't keep it in plastic wrap or bags. If you're not going to use it right away, place it in a drawer or on a closet shelf to scent its contents. Once you start using it, keep your soap out of direct water spray so that it will last longer. Now I do want to talk for just a wee minute about vanilla fragrance in soaps. Lots of people have asked why so many handmade soaps are tan or brown. The answer is vanilla! Vanilla darkens cold process soap -- and even some scrubs and salts, depending on how much vanilla is in a fragrance blend. It can turn bath and beauty products brown, but a true vanilla lover (and I'm one) usually think it's worth it for the divine smell.If you have time, stop by and read my blog. I try to post daily about my latest additions to my shop."